Treasure Coast Area Reef  Keepers was formed in July 2013 to unite local people interested in the hobby of keeping Marine Aquaria & Coral Reef  Aquariums in and around the Treasure Coast!

Our mission is to do everything we can to educate our friends to love and protect these beautiful ecosystems and all of the reef & marine habitats all around world.

Starting an underwater ecosystem in your home can be rewarding.  They can be relaxing to watch, used to educate, or simply a living work of art. The Treasure Coast Area Reef Keepers will help to introduce and educate people of various aquarium setups, wild reef collection and protection procedures, and help teach the skills needed to successfully keep and preserve them  for years to come.

The club is brand new and currently free but can be a valuable resource for current or future hobbyist.

Thanks for Visiting and No Matter What,