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Joining  the Treasure Coast Reef Keepers is simple!

All you have to do is register on our clube forums and introduce yourself…Yup its that simple.

Once you’re registered you will welcome to come to any of our meeting or club events.

If you like the club, then you can sign up to be an official paid member which will give you exclusive access to members only events and dives as well as getting membership cards and reffle tickets at our meetings.

Everybody is welcome to join, no matter what their experience level or specific interests in the aquarium hobby are. We strive to be friendly and welcoming and any and all people who share our passion for all things aquatic.

The more paid members we have the better activities we can plan.

We’re Looking forward to meeting you at the next meeting!

Some of the reasons to join are:

1) Meet great people who have the same interests in the saltwater hobby as you do.

2) Learn from other members’ experience (and mistakes) in a friendly, no pressure atmosphere. Unlike the advice you may receive at a local fish store (LFS)or The Internet, our members can give you unbiased opinions on products and livestock. It is the best way to learn about the hobby.

3) It’s a great source for Frags, Macro Algae, Cheap Equipment, or Sand Bed samples(to improve the diversity of your sand bed organisms or reseed your sand bed) from other local members.

4) Have you ever wanted to order something online but couldn’t afford the shipping cost? We will host Club Group Buys and Specials where members get together and place a bulk order to reduce individual shipping cost or even get the free shipping if you order over “X” amount.

5) Once the membership numbers are high enough, our club will volunteer at local conservation events like Treasure Coast Waterway Clean Up, Oyster Reef Restoration Projects, Turtle Walks, and Beach Clean-up .

6) You will be able to join other members on awesome snorkeling and dive trips to view, photography, or even collect wild specimens for your tanks.

7) Once we can get a few sponsors, we will be offering Member Raffles, Club Membership Cards, and more. The raffles will be your chance to get something cool or expensive for as low as $1!!!

8) More To Come…

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