TC.Ark Member Meet and Greet BBQ

Our inaugural meet and greet



There will be burger’s and hotdogs and any other sides or dishes you guys want to bring. This will be our first chance to meet everyone and discuss the future of this club.
This gathering will be very informal so feel free to bring the kids and family. There is a playground there as well as rest rooms and it all overlooks the Indian river lagoon. We will be trilling and gathering contact information of members as well as offering a ballet to vote on a club name.

If you plan on attending please visit our head count forum on reef central and rsvp so we can make sure we buy enough food and drinks for everyone.

Also any food donations you want to bring would be apprecheted since this event is only sponsored by members and their families.

Its will be a good time for all and a chance to get to know and network with everybody before we have an officially structured meetings and agendas!!


Coral Species

This gallery includes stony coral and hydrocoral species commonly found in the waters of South Florida. Learn more about Coral Reefs.

Artichoke CoralBlade Fire CoralBlushing Star CoralBoulder Brain CoralBoulder Star CoralBranching Fire Coral
Diffuse Ivory Bush CoralElkhorn CoralElliptical Star CoralFinger CoralFragile Saucer CoralGreat Star Coral
Golfball CoralGrooved Brain CoralHidden Cup CoralKnobby Brain CoralKnobby Cactus CoralLesser Starlet Coral
Lettuce CoralMassive Starlet CoralMaze CoralMustard Hill CoralPillar CoralRidged Cactus Coral

Coral Species, a set by MyFWC Research on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

All images are to be credited to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

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